This organisation was founded some years ago by Mr. Alan Curry, in recognition to services given to his wife in renal treatment preceeding her kidney transplant.
By means of various fund raising activities, the Organisation provides the required funds and medical equipment at the Renal Unit, where, patients form 75% of our membership.
During recent years, the Lifecycle Organisation has financially supported our Group in ventures connected with the well-being of our patients/members.

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Lions Club Sliema was chartered in 1974 and was sponsored by Lions Club Malta (Host). The Club is one of the five Maltese Clubs that form the Lions Clubs Zone Malta within the International Association of Lions Clubs. This International organization is considered to be the World’s largest Philanthropic Organisation with 44,000 Clubs distributed in over 200 countries and geographic areas with a total of 1.4  million members.

Lions are groups of service-minded men and women who are interested in improving their communities, and to become a Lion is to become an active volunteer, a member of a respected international organization, a leader in the community and a friend to people in need.

Lions Club Sliema originated the Organ Donation Campaign and in its first year suceeded in registering 15,000 people as donors.

This campaign has been mostly taken over by the Transplant Support Group, on an on-going basis, since its foundation in May 2000.

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The Malta Health Network was set up in 2007 with the aim of representing in Malta, in the EU and internationally, the interests of patients and the health of the community, developing better coordination, colloboration and capacity building through exchange of best practice among Health Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs). Not-for-profit Organisations (NPOs) and Patient Representation Groups (PRGs). The M.H.N. is independent of the Government of Malta and of any political party or organisation.

MHN Objectives:

  • To give patients a voice on health related issues in Malta and beyond.
  • To influence health related policies and practices for the welfare of the community.
  • To establish a framework to facilitate communication on health-related and patient concens between Health NGOs, not-for-profit organisations and Patient Representation Groups and other Govt. of Malta and other governmental or municipal authority and the community.
  • To promote the representation of health non Governmental organisations, N.P.O’s, PRGs in national, european and international fora.
  • To take any appropriate measures to fulfill these objectives.

For more information, one can visit the MHN website: www.maltahealthnetwork

Amputees 4 Amputees Association

Blood Bank

Malta Heart Foundation

Malta Diabetes Association

European database of suspected adverse drug reaction reports

Website at:

Created by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), this website is a positive first step in the implementation of the EudraVigilance Access Policy. Granting patients and the public access to the data held in Eudravigilance – the central EU database for adverse reaction reports – is a key part of the new EU pharmacovigilance legislation. EPF worked closely with EMA in developing the EudraVigilance Access Policy and to ensure that the new portal contains information relevant to patients and is presented in a user-friendly format.